Our Programs

Kenya Aid is founded on a philosophy of empowerment and sustainability.

In partnership with the local community we aim to improve heath access and outcomes, providing relief from poverty through opportunity, resilience and empowerment. 

Quality health care is a fundamental and enabling human right and Kenya Aid seeks to provide this in an environment that is free from prejudice of any kind. Our hospital is open to all no matter their economic, social or religious status. Our local staff are sensitive to the needs of the community and flexible in their approach to ensure equitable health solutions are available to all who seek our services. 

Each of our programs is community led and our input – beyond limited financial relief – is relationship based. Our aim is to build capacity within the local community to establish, finance and run their own services in a way that is empowering, self reliant and sustainable beyond international aid. 

Kenya Aid supports a number of community led health programs, including:
- Community hospital
- Maternity services
- Vaccine and immunisation programs
- HIV treatment and support groups
- Child health services
- Nutrition and agricultural programs
- Community outreach and education