About Kenya Aid

Kenya Aid is an Australian based charity that provides financial support and a capacity building relationship to a community based hospital in rural Western Kenya.

Prior to our presence in Shikunga there was limited access to health care. There was no health centre or hospital of any kind – so with the help of many generous Australian donors, we worked with the local community to build one.

As of 2023 our health programs have been running for almost 17 years and include a general hospital, vaccine program, maternity service, ambulance, cataract surgery program and HIV support groups. 

Kenya Aid works in partnership with Kenyan community based organisations and the Kenyan Government to ensure the programs we provide are responsive to the communities that we serve. Our programs are community orientated and we place a heavy emphasis on education and preventative strategies. Through these programs we aim to provide hope and empowerment to the people of Western Kenya.

Kenya Aid is a relationship and capacity building organisation designed to empower the local community to establish, finance and run their own services in a way that is self reliant and sustainable beyond international financial relief.