Volunteer with Kenya Aid for the experience of a lifetime!

Kenya Aid was created after a volunteer medical student travelled to Kenya on a placement in 2003. Upon returning home he formed Kenya Aid with a group of friends. Since then we have had many volunteers offer their time and skills to help develop and run our programs alongside our Kenyan staff.
Volunteers working at the hospital have included doctors, medical students, pharmacists, social workers and more.

If you are open to new experiences, wanting to challenge yourself and committed to helping others, then contact us at info@kenyaaid.org for more information or download our volunteer brochure and get ready for the adventure of your life!

Volunteer Testimonials

“The opportunity to contribute to the local community (who are so grateful) is such a positive life changing experience. The professional satisfaction of both imparting & receiving education with/by the health workers was uplifting. If you’re thinking of going to Shikunga to help out then you have chosen a fantastic ‘grass roots’ community who are wonderful, friendly & greatly appreciative of anything you can contribute. You will not regret it!”.
-Abbey Lee,  Pharmacist who volunteered in Shikunga in 2011

“After spending 6 weeks in this region, I actually felt sad to leave the place and the people. However, this has been an extremely worthwhile trip which has greatly empowered me through all the experiences I have had. I believe I made a difference to many peoples’ lives….I hope to return some day in the future’

– Joel Lim,  Medical student who volunteered in Shikunga in 2011-12

“I had many good times helping out in the clinic and just hanging out with patients when appropriate. The Friday for the HIV patients was a great opportunity to just chill and be there for people in hard-times. But I have to say teaching at Twydale Memorial School was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences in my life so far. Thank you Kenya Aid team for setting up this fine establishment and for the countless hours that must go into maintaining such an organisation. I look forward to meeting the team and hope we can work together in the future. ”

– Tom Bently, volunteer 2014

“An incredible experience. I learnt many things and met some of the most inspiring people, I learnt more about medical science than in my two years of university during my time at the clinic and while at the school I felt we were of real service.”

– Sid Sharma, volunteer 2014