Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela, 2003.

In 2009, Kenya Aid began supporting the development and growth of a school in a village called Shikumu, not far from our community hospital. It started with just a handful of students who didn’t qualify for the local government school because they couldn’t afford the uniforms and books that were required for them to attend, and a couple of volunteer teachers – one of whom remained as a volunteer at our school for almost 10 years.

Running a school in rural Kenya is challenging. We’re offering education to those children who fall through the gaps; those without parents or money to support their education, those who don’t have food in their bellies, those who are often required to walk further and work harder for the education they are desperate to receive.

As for our teachers? They are nothing short of inspiring. They are community members who have not lost hope that a better future is out there for their children. They are volunteering their time and resources because they believe that by educating their community they will collectively pull themselves out of poverty. They are the quiet leaders of their villages, providing hope, knowledge and care to kids who have lost almost everything. And they deserve to be paid.

It costs Kenya Aid $500AUD a month to pay eight teachers a living wage. To help us support our teachers, Kenya Aid needs you to trade the cost of one item a month – a coffee, a sandwich, a glass of wine – for a donation.

That’s just 100 people donating the cost of one coffee a month and our teachers can continue their vital work educating the young people of Shikunga towards a brighter future.

To get involved, simply select the amount you would like to donate per month from the options below. To help us spread the word you can print out a poster for your workplace here, or we’d love it if you could share your trade online using the hashtag #tradeforteachers

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