Our hospital

The Shikunga Community Hospital operates out of Shikunga, an isolated rural village in Kenya’s Western Province.

This province has the second largest population and is the poorest province in Kenya. Our hospital is the only non-government hospital in the entire province and as such it services over 40,000 people. The staff at the hospital are all Kenyan born with qualifications accredited by the Kenyan government.

The hospital is open seven days per week and provides adult and paediatric primary health care services, obstetric care, inpatient care, antenatal care and has basic laboratory facilities.

As most people that live around the hospital live on less than $1 per day, the costs of even basic healthcare can be prohibitive. Because of these financial constraints on the local population we have adopted a low cost approach that allows those attending the clinic to pay either the full cost of consultation or a settled on amount that takes into account their individual financial status.

Kenya Aid also provides free health care to all children that have been born at the hospital until they are at least five years of age. This serves to encourage pregnant mothers to deliver at the hospital, and also ensures ongoing health care for children born in the area.

Fast Facts

  • Shikunga is located in the poorest province of Kenya
  • We run the only non-government hospital in the area
  • Our facility serves a population of 40,000
  • Children under five born at the hospital are treated free
  • Low-cost solutions for low-income families