Our development philosophy

Kenya Aid supports grassroots community engagement and embraces sustainable aid practices.

Our hospital

From mud to mortar – check out the hospital Kenya Aid built!

Our school

Offering free education and a daily meal to over 270 students.

Our ambulance

From vaccines to patient transport, our ambulance is one of the most important health assets in Shikunga.


Kenya Aid provides life saving nets and education to reduce the risk of malaria.

Child health

Children are particularly vulnerable to disease in developing countries. Kenya Aid has various strategies to¬†encourage attendance in under 5’s to health services and focuses on their specific health needs.


With government support, Kenya Aid offers vaccines for a range of preventable diseases through the wider Western Kenya district.


Kenya Aid is committed to reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS in Western Kenya. Our program is growing and we could use your support!

Women’s health

Kenya Aid offers health services specific to women including pre and post natal care, safe mothering and dignified menstruation solutions.

Community education

Healthy communities are educated communities. Kenya Aid improves the health of hundreds with simple, everyday messages.


Kenya Aid engages with and assists local communities through a small-scale agriculture project designed to support our health and education services.