The Northern Beaches Learning Alliance (NBLA) group of schools has endorsed Kenya Aid as its international charity since mid 2016, through the intiative “Students helping Students and Teachers helping Teachers”.

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Accordingly, Kenya Aid has formed partnerships with a number of schools on Sydney’s Northern Beaches which will help us continue providing essential education to children in rural Kenya, the Shikunga region in the Western Province.

These partnerships are helping us to provide sustainable change and improve the lives of children by allowing them access to empowerment through education.  This is one of the poorest areas of Kenya and many families are unable to afford the fees to be able to send their children to a public school.

The Foundation schools involved in the Northern Beaches Schools initiative (in alphabetic order) are:

  • Brookvale Public School
  • Curl Curl North Public School
  • Many Village Public School
  • Many West Public School

In 2017 Seaforth Public School also joined the program.

The schools have raised money by holding events such as student mufti-days, handball competitions, teacher’s fitness classes, support from the Pedlars’ Parade and teachers’ donations. Students and parents have also initiated their own fundraising ideas such as busking, lemonade stands, selling muffins and approaching local businesses and community members. All of this money goes directly towards providing educational material and equipment, paying the teachers, building classrooms, building a well so the school has fresh water, and providing a daily lunch for the children.

Kenya Aid has formed a close relationship with these schools through regular visits, including presenting at 2017 NBLA Combined Schools Development Day.

Kenya Aid hopes to be able to provide a global perspective and understanding to the children of the Northern Beaches schools involved in this initiative while ensuring the lives of the next generation of children in western Kenya will have a brighter future.

Thank you to the NBLA and our partner schools from the students, teachers and families in Shikunga.