Mosquitoes: the world’s deadliest creature

By May 6, 2014News

Think sharks are scary? Compared to mosquitoes, sharks are wimps!
Malaria kills more than 600,000 people every year with another 200 million incapacitated for days at a time. When it comes to killing humans, no other animal comes close to the mosquito. It threatens half of the world’s population and causes billions of dollars in lost productivity annually.In Kenya alone, more than 40,000 people still die each year from these devastatingly dangerous insects.


Infographic courtesy of GatesNotes

Kenya Aid has adopted the principles of the WHO’s Malaria Roll Back Program in designing our own malaria reduction program. One of the cornerstones of this program is in providing life saving nets and medications to at risk populations in rural Kenya. We provide nets for free to pregnant women and children under 5 and encourage everyone in the community to sleep under nets to prevent this devastating disease. Kenya Aid has also provided education to community nurses about the importance of getting rapid and reliable treatment for malaria infections and these nurses are now passing on this information to members of their community, encouraging mothers to take their children to the hospital if they suspect a malaria infection rather than self-medicating with panadol or other ineffective local remedies.

Help us control the damage done by these tiny killers by donating today. We’ll use your donation to buy nets or medications to help save our patients from another season of deadly malaria.

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