Community Health Survey

By December 28, 2011News

Here at Kenya Aid we have just completed the first ever community health survey performed in our hospitals catchment area. We surveyed consecutive people who had presented to the hospital for treatment and we have been both encouraged and surprised by the results. This gives us a lot of motivation heading into the new year.

  • Average number of people per household- 5.2 people
  • Services most wanted at the hospital
    – Ambulance 35%
    – Xray 23%
  • People diagnosed previously with HIV- 26%
  • People diagnosed previously with TB- 23%
  • People diagnosed with malaria over the last 6 months- 74%
  • Percentage of women who breastfed all children- 70%
  • Percentage of people attending ANC while pregnant at least once- 90%
  • Households where all people are sleeping under a mosquito net- 55%
  • Frequency of condom use with intercourse
    – never 68%
    – some of the time 32%
  • Frequency of condom use with intercourse in people previously diagnosed with HIV
    – never 38%
    – some of the time 62%
  • Percentage of children that have had at least one vaccination- 97%

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