Time to buy an ambulance!

By April 11, 2012News

Wow! What an effort everyone! We’ve finally raised enough to buy Kakamega’s first ever ambulance!

We’re in the process of ordering a vehicle – at this point it looks like it will be a Land Rover – that will be fitted out with a stretcher, cabinets, siren, lights and its own power supply. This vehicle will be shipped from the UK to Kenya, and we’re hoping to have it delivered by the end of the financial year.

This ambulance will be one of only five ambulances in the entire Western Province (population 4.1 million) and the ONLY ambulance in Kakamega district (population 110,000). It’s going to be one busy vehicle!

The difference the ambulance will make to the people of Shikunga will be immense – no more pregnant ladies being wheeled to hospital in wheelbarrows – and we’ll now be able to effectively transfer very unwell patients to Kakamega hospital for surgery.

We would like to thank all of our friends, our families and a number of very generous donors who have worked hard to provide this ambulance to the people of Western Kenya. We can’t wait to update you all soon with photos!

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